Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cabo, day 5

Here we are on day 5 in Cabo! In a way it seems like its going by fast but then again, its hard to believe that it's only day 5. All this relaxation is wearing us out! We slept in this morning and headed to downtown Cabo around 10am. It's only about 15 min from our resort. We walked around a bit then took a water taxi to "Lovers Beach". Our boat driver gave us a tour of the famous arch and took us back to see the sea lions. We got way too close for comfort (again) but they seemed more scared of us than I was of them. They are the gooshiest things, too bad they aren't nice. After our little tour we were dropped off on the beach where we floated in the waves and the boys snorkeled. It was so peaceful and beautiful. After a couple hours on the beach we went back into town and ate at a fabulous restuarant! I'd really love to find out what kind of cheese they use around here because it is amazing. I could live off of bean and cheese burritos! We headed back to our resort after lunch for some swimming and sleeping in the shade. We ordered our daily frozen limonades, they are wonderful! Chris and I came back to the condo and got ready for our date night. We decided that we were going to go to a restaurant that several people had told us about last time we were here so we went. Mom and dad stayed at our resort and had their own date night. Our date night was not what we had in mind....that is all I will say. It was so frustrating but by the end of it we couldn't stop laughing and couldn't wait to get back to our resort. We found mom and dad on their date night and crashed their table. It's been a beautiful day, so glad to be here. I'm sure I am missing a ton of details but you get the point. We're happy, healthy and relaxed. That is all we could ask for right about now. Enjoy some pictures from today..

The arch and sea lions

Date night....view from our table

us our on date..... came back and look who we found!

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