Friday, July 3, 2009

Gosh, I feel like I have so much to update on but don't know where to start....

Monday was such a great day. Our Bible study (which meets every monday morning) got to meet our friend Aron and his family. It was such an amazing day. Aron and his family shared so many things from how the Lord grew their faith through being separated for 10.5 years, miracles that had been done, words of such encouragement and his testimony. It was a blessing. The girls then showered the family with SO many amazing gifts. They had no clue that what we had in store for them and it was just so exciting being able to bless them in a small way. When we get excited about something, we shop! Here are a couple pictures from the day..

Opening presents!

Yoel, Aron, Ben and Cokie

Today.....something VERY exciting happened!!! My friend Heidi gave birth to the most precious boy...Jackson Wade Chandler. She wasn't due until mid August but due to some complications they delivered him at 33 weeks via c-section this morning. We are so excited for the Chandlers and their precious son. I can hardly wait to meet the little man! I can't look at his picture without tears welling up in my eyes. We prayed so hard for this little guy and to think that we will be meeting Kate in a couple months is so overwhelming.
Here he little Jackson at 4 pounds. handsome..

Man, the Lord is good! I am hanging in there. Feeling good for the most part. I'm still having contractions which I don't like. Kate is kicking something inside there that isn't nice. It is SO hard for me to just sit down and relax for some reason. I'm really struggling with it. There are so many things that I want to do and get done but I know I can't. It's also hard for me to let other people help with cleaning my house and things like that. It's something I love to do. So if you could pray that I will learn to rest during this time and take it easy so these contractions will go away. This little girl MUST keep cooking....

Oh, PS. I posted new pics of the nursery on Kate's blog. Enjoy :)

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