Thursday, July 16, 2009

No title needed..

You are all going to be happy to hear that my insane craving for the Orange County Fair has been fulfilled! Last night Chris, mom, dad, megan, libby and I packed up and finally went! And the best part...we got in FREE! I read somewhere that if each person brought 5 canned goods on Wednesday night then you got free admission. It saved us $60! I love finding we got to help out the less fortunate! Ok, so the fair was wonderful. It's been on my mind since February and it was everything that I was hoping it would be and even a little bit better. We got there around 4pm, there was hardly anyone there! Dinner was beef brisket and waffle fries, so good! We did some walking around to all the shops or vendors. The workers are a little creepy. If you show any bit of interest in their items they pounce on you. (not literally but it felt like it) After lots of walking we got our funnel cakes (so good!) and then got seats for the hypnotist show. We go every year for this is absolutely hilarious and I could watch it over and over. I laughed so hard last night that it was hard to catch my breath. I was still laughing once it was over. I'm sure I embarrassed my family a little by my gut wrenching laugh but I could not help it. It is a must see show! After that was over we did some more walking around. I got a snow cone and then went to the petting zoo. So fun. So many baby pigs, goats lambs. I just wanted to sit and play with them. I'm sure you're grossed out that I ate a beef brisket (only half!), waffle fries, funnel cake (only half!) and a snow cone but I assure you I was probably one of the "healthier" ones last night. You cannot believe the kind of food that the fair sells....and people buy!! Deep fried twinkies pickles, cheesecake, frog legs, snickers...the latest one we saw was Chocolate covered bacon. Really? Who in their right mind comes up with these things? I'm sure if I had a stand there and sold my big left toe deep fried, it would sell! Not kidding. It is very entertaining people watching at the fair. I felt pretty good about myself last night. Well that is all. It feels so good to have my craving quenched...but we will be back!
Oh. and PS. Kate loved the fair. She was dancing around the whole time. Can't wait to take her next year and share my funnel cake with her! :)

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Drew and Kristi said...

i've even seen deep friend pepsi... what?! how is that possible?! haha so disgusting!! glad you had a fun time!