Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palm Desert

I am very relaxed so this will most likely be short and sweet. The Parker/Andrews gang is out in Palm Desert (been here since thursday). We're having a blast and could not be more relaxed. Our days are spent by the pool (more like in the pool) with smoothies and yummy lunch delivered right to our chairs. We usually come back to our villa mid afternoon for showers, snacks and naps. Wonderful! We've had lots of good times and many laughs. So good for the soul. I really can't believe how much I am growing. My tummy seems to be sticking out farther everyday. Sometimes I forget how big I a until I walk by a mirror. Is that really me? Wow. The pounds seem to be packing on which I don't like at all but I just have to remember that its for a good cause and they WILL come off after the princess arrives. I am depressed at the fact that I no longer seem to have hips. They seemed to have disappeared. Where did they go? Hopefully I'll find them in a couple months. Oh well, I'm happy and couldn't be more content with where we're at right now. We have much to be thankful for. Here are a few pics from today... I've been terrible at taking pics so these will have to do...

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