Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maui wowie

We have arrived in Paradise. My parents picked us up at the airport on Monday night. The minute we walked off the plane we were relaxed. I don't know what it is about this place but it really is as if there are no worries. Whatever it is, we'll take it. My parents checked into Chris' and my condo on Saturday and ended up getting us totally hooked up. We were supposed to be in the way back of the property and they got us the cream of the crop condo. Honestly, its probably the best one in the entire resort. We are on the 9th floor in a really big 1 bedroom condo that is directly on the ocean. We have a wrap around balcony with views that literally take your breath away. Never seen anything so beautiful. We look out our kitchen window and it looks like we're floating on the ocean. Needless to say, this is the party condo... appetizers, drinks, cigars and lots of fun is taking place here. My family is 5 floors below us in a pretty sweet condo. We're having too much fun. Yesterday (Tuesday) we got up around 7am which is really 10m California time, had some breakfast and walked the property. I can't believe how gorgeous the grounds are and how close we are to everything. You walk to the left of our resort and there are a handful of yummy restaurants and then theres Whaler village with all the shopping you could possibly want to do... We hit the beach pretty early and had a blast floating in the waves. The water is about 80 degrees. We all laughed so hard while we were out playing in the waves. I lost count of how many times mom, dad, megan, libby and chris got beached or stuck in the "swirl". We have to get it on camera before we leave. Pure comedy. Kate and I stay away from the swirl zone and just float :) I could go on and on about our day and how wonderful it was and how hard we laughed but I think you get the point. We had dinner next door at the Hula Grill.... soooo yummy! Its right on the beach, we had our feet in the sand and live Hawaiian music. Does it get any better than that? Not to mention the food was so delicious! The night ended with ice cream and shaved ice and the boys sat on the balcony watching the sun go down over the ocean with their cigars. We are all very happy, relaxed and very thankful to be able to experience something as amazing as this. As my dad said yesterday, "this is what we work hard for". There is nothing better than this...

Dinner at the Hula Grill..


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