Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No title tonight.

Oh my goodness, this has been quite a week! I was released from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. It felt so good coming home but part of me wished I had stayed an extra day to get even more rest in. I know that sounds funny but its so hard once you're home. It seems like there is always laundry to do, dishes to wash, phones to answer. Ahhh. I just want to sleep. We could not have gotten through this without my parents. They were our Godsend. They came to visit me in the hospital a couple times which was nice for me and it gave someone else for Chris to hang out with and go eat with. They went to our house while we were in the hospital and disinfected the whole place and got it clean before we came home. My mom made us a fabulous dinner for Saturday and Sunday night....ahh thank you! It gave us such a lift! So here we are.....home. I am getting better each day which is a praise and now my husband thinks he is coming down with the flu. Nooooo! I wanted to cry when he told me that this morning. Now he is a bit dramatic whenever he doesn't feel well and it takes a ton of patience on my part but we cannot have this, not right now. I want so bad to be able to take care of him but I'm just not there yet. I'm still recovering from being extremely ill, I'm exhausted and not to mention this 9 month belly of mine. I called the doctor first thing this morning and got him on Tamiflu. We are praying that it kicks in soon. Please join us in that prayer. We definitely can't get through this on our own. Even though this past week has sucked (to be totally honest) we do have much to be thankful for tonight. I am so thankful that we have such great insurance and we are able to get amazing care and prescriptions to help make us well. I am so thankful that Kate is doing well and that none of this has affected her. We were so worried about her. I am most thankful that we have a Heavenly Father who has been and is watching over us and taking care of our every need. He knows what we can handle and gives us the strength and endurance to climb each hill that is set before us. With that being said....we will continue to trust in Him and rest tonight knowing that He is in control. :)

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