Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm a bit talkative tonight..

Ohhh it's been a good weekend! I'm so thankful. It started out with an exciting yet frustrating Friday night. Chris worked late at the firm so I went out to dinner with mom and dad. I started having contractions at 5:30pm and was so annoyed by them because I had been up all night trying to time them that by the time I had them again I was over timing them. We finally started timing them at dinner and noticed that they were 5 minutes apart... Finally 2 hours later I called Chris and told him that he might want to head home because I was having time-able contractions...this went on for 3 more hours. My mom and I walked around the block a few times and they got stronger. I did not let myself get excited because I didn't want to be let down. My mom on the other hand was hilarious. I finally called my doctor at 10pm to see what I should do. I explained to him what was going on and he said that it sounds like the start of "early labor" and to try to get some sleep. That is exactly why I didn't let myself get excited. Chris and I finally got in bed around midnight and the contractions stopped. That was Friday. Saturday was just what I needed. Chris went to the office for a few hours and I went on a cleaning spree. I scrubbed everything in sight, washed everything and hosed everything down. Our house is spotless. I got my last minute grocery shopping done and cleaned out the cupboards. Chris' parents came up for a few hours for hor dourves and drinks. We had a great time sitting in the backyard catching up and talking about our sweet pea on the way. A couple hours later Chris and I headed off to Downtown Brea to celebrate our anniversary. We walked around for a bit and did some shopping- hit some killer sales! That was exciting. The jazz festival was also going on and that was awesome. We went to the Melting Pot for some delish cheese fondue followed by the most amazing dessert that I have been craving, Cookies and Cream fondue. Oh my!! It was amazing. our waiter was so sweet and brought us sparkling cider to champagne for me this year! It was such a great night. We sat and talked about the past 2 years of marriage and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Of course the biggest one is due this coming week. The most entertaining part of the evening was at the end. We had just finished dessert and I thought my water broke. Chris was so hilarious and made us leave right away. Don't worry, everything is still in tact. It was something you would have seen out of a movie though. Sleep is pretty much non existent for me these days so I am stoked when the sun comes up. We had a great morning at church. So thankful for our new church home. It is an amazing place and we couldn't be happier! We went out to lunch with the family and our friends afterwards and had great fellowship. Came home and I tried my best to take a nap but that didn't happen. After sipping on a peppermint mocha and hanging out at home with my momma for a bit Chris went to Marie Calendars to take care of my craving. I could not get the chocolate satin pie off of my mind. I am so not a pie person but this pie is my absolute fav! And the best part, it's pie month so it was only $7! Woohoo! After dinner we went for a walk around the lake and enjoyed the cool evening. It felt so good to put a cozy jacket and actually be cold for once! It's almost been a year since I have been cold! We ended the evening out in the backyard with our pie and put a fire in the fire pit. So relaxing and the perfect way to end our last weekend as a family of 2. I have my 39 week appointment in the morning and we will find out then what day they are going to induce me. I will hopefully have a good report tomorrow. We're getting close!!

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