Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lord, we are amazed...

This is how my day started.... waking up at 6am next to my husband of two years to the song "Amazed"...it's my favorite song and every time I hear it my eyes well up with tears. Today was no different. In fact the tears streamed down my face as I laid in bed listening to the words,"Lord, I'm amazed by you..." I can't even believe how full my life is and how much more complete it will be tomorrow. Chris and I talked about these past two years and I was literally at a loss for words. I honestly don't deserve all of this. The Lord has been so gracious. I have been a bit overwhelmed today as the birth of our daughter is literally hours away. I have been doing my best to cherish every second I have left of her in my tummy. It has been a great 9 months and to be honest, I am going to miss being pregnant. There is nothing better than feeling her kick, squirm and hiccup from within. I have loved carrying her everywhere with me. I know it will be 100x better when she is in our arms but I will miss the closeness that we have shared. I consider myself blessed to have had such a great pregnancy. I thank God everyday that He allowed me to carry this baby girl, His child that He has created perfect in His sight. I can't even begin to think about what she is going to look like, who's personality she will have, if she will get my out of control hair.... so exciting. Tonight our hearts are full of nothing but pure joy and we are so ready to meet this little one that we have prayed so long and hard for. Tomorrow will be one of the happiest days of our life as we wait to welcome Katelyn Marie Andrews into this world....please keep praying for us! She's on her way!! Ahhh!

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