Monday, October 5, 2009

What a day! And..what a difference from last monday. I woke up at 4am (due to lovely pregnancy insomnia) and finally got up at 6am with Chris and had some breakfast. I was so excited about my doctors appointment and had a peace about it all morning. I did my best to be as productive as possible to pass the time. I washed the sheets, washed the dishes and organized a few things around the house. Got to the doctors office a few minutes early (such a better experience this week!). My prayer this morning was to have a good attitude and to be open to whatever my Dr. suggested. We really trust him. Not just because he is the world's best doctor but because he is a believer. He loves the Lord so much and it is so evident. Kate and I are in such great hands. So there I was....waiting in the room to be seen and staring across the street at St. Josephs Hospital. I sat there and wondered what day we would be there and tried to picture what it will be like meeting our daughter for the first time. I prayed some more and a peace came over me that was just awesome. I knew there was nothing to worry or be anxious about. God has it all planned out. He has since the beginning. He knew Kate before she was even created. He has knit her together so perfectly in my tummy. He has made her perfect in His sight. He has her birthday all planned out. I need not to worry. So with that I thanked the Lord for that reminder and took a deep breath and then my doctor walked in. He checked her heartbeat and it was beating at a beautiful 160bpm, measured my tummy and it's still measuring at 35 weeks (she is literally sitting in my hips) and the internal exam showed progress! With that being said, he smiled and said...looks like her birthday will be on Friday! I was told to be in the ER on friday morning by 5:30am and if a spot opened up earlier then I would get it. I pretty much skipped out of the office and was trying to think of everything that I need to get done in the next 4 days... all that I could come up with was to do 2 loads of laundry, get my car washed, get a pedicure and my hair done. Not bad. I went to Bible study and had a blessed morning with the girls. After study I went to my parents house for lunch and just as my mom and I were planning the week (we are total planners, obviously!) my cell phone rang. It was the doctors office and I knew what was about to nurse called to tell me that she got us in for Wednesday morning! Yippee!! She told us to check in ER by 5am and we would be escorted up to Labor & Delivery to start the induction. Deep down we were all pulling for Wednesday but like I said earlier, we know it has all been planned out and we are going to go with the flow. This was such great news! My mom and I were jumping up and down in the kitchen doing the happy dance. It all started to hit me...holy cow Wednesday is only a day and a half away!! I need to go home and do my laundry!! So, here I home finishing up my laundry and tomorrow I will be getting my toes pretty, my car clean and my hair done! My sweet husband is so swamped at work and is putting in a ton of extra hours so he can take the rest of the week off to be with his girls. Ahh we are soo excited.....more updates coming soon!

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