Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm still here!

I'm still here! I think about blogging all the time but every time I go to sit down and write to y'all it seems I am needed by a sweet little baby. I finally have a few minutes to myself. What has been going on in the Andrews household? What hasn't?! We have been so busy but don't have one thing to complain about! I'll start with Kate... the Lord is answering our prayers every single day! Her infection is healed, the skin is growing back and the part that the surgeon is going to look at is almost all healed! We pray over her every night for complete healing and we are watching a miracle before our eyes. It is truly amazing. If it wasn't on her private part I would post how amazing the progress is but I'm not going to go there. She is now 6 weeks old. 6 weeks! wow! Our little peanut now weighs 10 and a half pounds and is 21 inches long! She is so stinking cute. Kate is going through a major growth spurt right now which is pretty exhausting. All she wants to do is eat, take a cat nap, eat some more, poop, snuggle and eat again. It is so amazing watching her grow and change everyday. She is one happy baby. We are getting lots of smiles everyday (especially in the morning when we snuggle in bed). There really is nothing more precious in the world than seeing your baby smile at you. Ahhh. Love it! Chris is doing really well. Work is great! He is such a great daddy. I love watching him with his baby girl. They are too cute. I am feeling great. I had my 6 week post pardum appointment yesterday. I am all healed and have been cleared for normal activities....which means I will be going in the hot tub this weekend! YES! I had to have a couple more moles removed off my tummy last week and finally got the stitches out today. So glad to have that over with! Speaking of moles, my grandpa just got out of his surgery. They removed his melanoma. We are SO relieved that it is over with. He is too precious for words. I am pretty sure that he is Kate's biggest fan. We are going down tomorrow so he can spend some time with her. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for him! One more thing that was kind of encouraging to me happened yesterday. I connected with a girl who is 20 weeks pregnant and just found out that her daughter has the same exact cyst on her brain that Kate had. This poor girl is worried sick about her baby and I got to have a good conversation with her about our experience with Kate's cyst. Talking to her totally took me back to May when I got that horrific phone call while I was at Red Robin about Kate. My heart goes out to this girl because I have been there. I have felt that fear. I have cried my eyes out over what she is feeling. I have held my belly pleading with the Lord to heal our baby. I have been that girl. As I was talking to her I just thanked God for that experience that we went through. I know that we went through that to strengthen our faith. Boy did it ever! We saw a miracle happen before our eyes!! I know that we also went through that because God is going to put people in our life (like this girl) to encourage and pray for. It's always interesting looking back at all of the trials we go through. There is a reason for each one and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what it is. I know that God is going to use our recent trial with Kate's infection in a mighty way. We will continue to give Him the praise! We thank you for praying for our precious girl. She is truly our little miracle.
It has been great getting caught up on here but now it's time I go join my husband and baby on the couch for some snuggling. This is my favorite time of the day!! :)

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