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Having joy through it all...

Joy. That is a word that I would say describes my heart. I am always full of joy. I usually always have a smile on my face and love bringing joy to others. Joy has been on my mind all day. To be honest, this has been a really tough month for our little family. It started with losing our sweet Riley who we truly adored. He is missed daily around our home and our hearts still ache. We do know that our joy will be restored one day when we find a new kitten to love. Another thing that has been a bit stressful is it seems our house is falling apart a week at a time. Seriously, every week it has been something. The rains last weekend ruined our wood floor in the kitchen. It somehow got in and bubbled up. We've been trying to let it dry up. Our beautiful bamboo shades in our bathroom busted, had to get new ones. One of the big queen palms in the backyard fell over last week in the wind storm and busted the pot, had to get a new one today and re-plant. The grout in the master bath that is only 2 years old now has to be re-done. It truly seems like it never ends. My Jeep has cost us a fortune this month. Last weekend we had to get brand new tail lights because the old ones were fried. This weekend we noticed that my car was leaking coolant, found out the radiator was cracked and had to replace it with a new one. Ouch! The toughest thing has been Kate's infection. We noticed last night that her wound has opened in a new spot and was leaking. Not good. We took her to the ER last night and got her on antibiotics again. Last night she was diagnosed with cellulitis. We will be taking her to the pediatrician this week to figure out where to go from here. It's horrible. Every time she goes potty she screams bloody murder. That means we won't be going too many places until she is healed. Our hearts break for her and the pain that this is causing her. It doesn't seem fair that someone so precious and innocent has to go through this. We are doing the best we can with keeping her calm, clean and protected. It's so hard. My heart has been really heavy with all of this stress. It seems like we get over one hill and another one rises. I almost felt like I was throwing myself a pity party this morning as I was rocking Kate. I felt horrible. I know that the Lord will never give us more than we can handle and He must know that we are strong enough to get through this. If anything, this will continue to strengthen us. Man, getting stronger is really really tough. That is when He reminded me to be joyful always! Yes! My sad heart needs to turn that frown around and be happy again! Christmas is 6 days away and I am sad. That is so not right. This month has been a great reminder to keep trusting in Him. He is our provider, our protector and healer!! I have peace tonight that could only come from Christ. I know that Kate is going to be ok. His hand is upon her. Thank you Lord for hearing our cry and calming our hearts down! Joyful Joyful, we adore Thee! Yes, we are to be joyful aways....even in the hard times when it seems there is no end in sight, when you just want to curl up in bed and joyful. It's not easy but it truly does make your mountain seem like a little tiny speed bump. I have to apologize for not having much patience with those who have been around me. I have found myself short with those I love and I'm sorry. The Lord has been doing lots of work on my heart today, another thing that needed fixing! :) Be joyful friends!


Drew and Kristi said…
love this post nikki! thank you for sharing! I definitely need to be reminded to be joyful lately.. even with all i have to be thankful for sometimes it's hard to not let the stress get me down. that urge to crawl into bed and cry is so tempting! so thanks for reminding me that god indeed will not give me more than I can handle and that I should be joyful in all things! :-)

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