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It's been a while since I've posted about our furry "son". I know he used to be the star of this blog but our new little star has taken over. She has taken over everything in the house, all of our attention and the little guy is not a fan. Every time he hears the baby cry, he cries. He is still Chris' bff and follows him everywhere. Riley just isn't too sure about his baby sister. He was acting out a couple weeks ago and was peeing on all of our things. 1. the baby's glider 2. Chris's fleece 3. Our bed 4. The couch. 5. The bottom rack of the bassinet. Needless to say, we weren't very happy. We were able to get everything clean as new and locked Riley up in the office for about a week. It seemed to fix his new bad habit. A week later we noticed that he could hardly walk, he was pretty much dragging his back legs and would not pee...anywhere. I took him into the vet last Monday and found out that he has IFLUTD. Basically, a urinary tract infection that becomes deadly if you don't catch it in time. He was building up crystals in his bladder and it was blocking everything. Thankfully we got him in for care in time. The DR kept him overnight and got his bladder empty. He came home last Tuesday and all was great. Thursday we noticed pee spots all over the office and I was going to call the vet on Friday but didn't because during the night he used his box like a perfect kitty. We were gone all day Saturday and when we got home late that evening I noticed that there was not one spot in his box and the floor was clean. He was bleeding. I freaked out and called our vet but they were of course closed. We called our local ER vet to see what we should do and they told us to bring him in asap. So, Chris packed up Riley in his kitty box and off they went at 11:30pm. They said it would be a min of $1,200 to help fix the problem and we both had a mini heart attack and had to decline. Instead, Chris got him antibiotics, pain meds and a muscle relaxer to get him through the night. We were planning on taking him to a local vet that was open on Sundays. It was the worst night ever, neither Chris or I could sleep. We were worried sick about Riley. I had a knot in my stomach because I felt like we were killing him with not leaving him at the vet. Chris got up a couple times during the night to check on him and to make him as comfortable as possible. I paged our vet at 8am on Sunday and he called me right back. Our conversation was basically this..."you need to get him into be seen now. It could already be too late if the infection is in his blood. Unfortunately this is a killer of far too many male cats and I hope it's not too late for Riley...I'm very sorry.." Needless to say as soon as I hung up I was hysterical. I haven't cried that hard in a long time. I had so much guilt and couldn't even imagine losing our sweet boy and even worse having to put him to sleep because we let it go too far. Chris took him in after that conversation and spent a couple hours getting him ready with the vet for his procedure. To make a super long story a bit shorter....Riley is on the mend. They had to knock him out twice because yesterday at 2am one of his catheters got kinked. Chris , Kate and I went to visit him last night and it was one of the saddest sights. You can call me a crazy cat lady but this boy is really a huge part of our family. We will never have another one like him. He is only 2 and is worth trying to save. We're hoping to get him home tomorrow but he is still pretty inflamed. This is the hard part about pet ownership, you realize they don't last forever. We will do all that we can to keep him around as long as we can. He is extremely healthy other than what he is dealing with right now. Oh, I forgot to mention that stress is the cause of this issue. He is stressed out with Kate and that is what triggered this horrible disease. He's going to have to get used to her because she will be in this house as long as he is around. So, when he returns home we are going to be giving him lots of extra attention and will have to let him sleep with his bff again. Our family has been such a huge help to us. You can only imagine the bill that goes with this emergency situation. We appreciate their help so much and can't thank them enough for coming to our aid. Hopefully we'll have all the Andrews back under our roof this week!


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