Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 months young.

I know this is a little late.... Kate turned 3 months old on January 7th. I don't know how in the world we already have a 3 month old. In a way it seems insane that we have a baby and in another way it seems like "of course she's 3 months, we feel like she's been in our lives forever". We truly can't imagine life without her. The joy and laughter she has filled our hearts and home with is indescribable. I'm sure I will say this every month but she is our greatest blessing ever! Every day she seems so much more mature than she was the day before and so much bigger. We love it! She is full of smiles, coos and screeches. So much fun!!! You have no clue how wonderful it is to wake up next to a beautiful baby who is smiling and cooing at you in the morning. Amazing. Her favorite thing these days seems to be her 'Fairyland Gym'....she lays in it a couple times a day and stares at herself in the mirror, pulls on fairy, yells at fairy, kicks her frog who plays music. It's so entertaining. I try to get things done around the house while she is playing it but sometimes all I can do is get in fairyland with her and crack up at how hilarious she is. Sometimes she cries if we take her out of it before she's done. A little dramatic. I tell her she gets that from her dada. Our little peanut loves shopping trips and going for walks. She is also starting to teeth which is oh so much fun! For those of you who have gone through this know what I mean. She is drooling a river and tries to cram her hands and anything she can get her hands on down her mouth. There is a top tooth and a bottom one on the way. Kate is growing like a weed and we are absolutely loving this age.
Here are a couple pictures from her 3 month "shoot" haha.

We love you Kate Marie

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