Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 years ago today...

my precious husband got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I would have to say that it is one of the most romantic, creative, thoughtful....etc..engagement stories that I have heard yet. For those of you who aren't familiar with how our love story began I'll give you a quick snap shot. It was a Wednesday and I had an awesome day at work, we celebrated my birthday with everyone and I was feeling so blessed. My best friend came over to pick me up to "take me out for my birthday". We went to our favorite coffee spot and then headed down to one of my favorite spots in Southern California, Montage Resort and Spa. Ahhh my heart is at ease and my worries seem to melt away when I am there. We ended up at the spa and I about had a heart attach because I knew how expensive one treatment was. Found out that both Jess and I were getting full body massages. Wow! Had an amazing massage and at the end my massage therapist said "hold on one moment while I go and get a hand cream for you". I thought "sweet!" My eyes were covered up with cucumbers and my body felt like one big jello jiggler. She came back in and started to give me a special hand treatment. She did my right hand and then went to my left. All of a sudden her hands seemed really cold and were shaking. "What is she doing?", I thought. After a minute or so the room was quiet and "she" pulled off my eye mask. To my surprise there was my boyfriend of 3 years in my massage room and on his knee looking as handsome as ever in his suit. He said all these amazing things to me, asked me to be his wife and slipped the most gorgeous ring on my finger. Oh my gosh! Seriously, I couldn't believe it. I knew this time was coming but I was shocked to see him at the resort where my bff and I were spending the day. "How did you know I was here???" I was so shocked that my mind obviously wasn't thinking clearly. He planned the whole thing. He spent a big bundle to pamper Jess and I. After I got all cleaned up and dressed up Jess took some pics of us and she was on her way. Chris and I toasted to a very long and happy life together while watching the sun set into the ocean. We then went and celebrated at our favorite restaurant at the resort. Another amazing treat! I was too excited that I couldn't even eat my meal. When we went to leave I noticed that the car picking us up was not ours. Chris rented a beautiful infinity and we drove off listening to all of our favorite love songs that he had put on to a CD for me. He drove us right to his parents house where my family, his family and our best friends were waiting to congratulate us. Needless to say it was the perfect day.
Now here we are 3 years later. We had the most beautiful wedding 2+ years ago, live in a brand new house, have the most precious baby girl, hubby has a wonderful new job. Who would have known? I would have never imagined that 3 years ago today we would be where we're at today. The Lord knew, this has all been part of His plan. We are eternally grateful. I am in love with my husband more today than I was when he got down on his knee.. Can't wait to go back to where it all started! Time to celebrate!

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