Monday, January 25, 2010

9 more

I am 9 pounds away from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight! This is so encouraging to me. I have been really trying to re-train myself to start making better decisions with eating. Y'all know me and my mad love for food. Diets are not my thing. I can never stick with them. I love food too much. I have been doing the Special K diet for the past week and I'm already starting to feel a difference in my clothes. My body is crazy. I gain weight fast if I chow like a hungry hippo and I can lose it fast if I stick with the healthy eating and move my body a little. I've been having Special K for breakfast and lunch with Special K bars in between for snaking. Not bad! I am so determined to get back in all of my clothes and can hardly wait to buy a new bikini this spring! So my be back to my pre-baby weight by April. I have to be realistic and I think April is a good goal. I am so over having a chubby tummy, never had one in my life until now. So gross. Sometimes I feel like putting a sign on me that says "just had a baby 3 months ago!, don't usually look like this!" There is nothing worse that feeling like a cow. To make it worse, my hair is absolutely out of control. I don't know what pregnancy did to me but the texture and everything changed. I had enough hair for 5 people before and know I think I have enough for 7. It has been falling out in chunks recently but can't fall out fast enough. I have been having to use "detangler". How embarrassing. What mom has to buy detangler for herself? Crazy. I am going to be getting some form of straightening treatment done soon, just not sure what one yet. I am ready to have normal hair again. Wow, that was totally off track. Anyway, I am working on a full body make over and trying to remind myself in the meantime that the Lord has made me perfect in His sight and loves me just the way I am. I am so thankful for my husband who encourages me and tells me I'm beautiful. He's too sweet. Sometimes I wonder if he's looking at the same girl I'm looking at in the mirror. haha Oh...all in time Nikki...all in time



Good for you Nikki!! I STILL have a belly that sometimes looks (I swear) that I am pregnant:( It's horrible, I was just thinking how I'll never get back into the size jeans I was before baby. Pregnancy totally messes up your body. Us poor girls!

Drew and Kristi said...

oh your poor hair! after reagan, my hair fell out for atleast three months! (don't worry tho- it varies for each woman) I couldn't wear my hair down bc it shed too much! so not looking forward to that with this baby!!