Monday, January 4, 2010


Never been so happy for a Monday to roll around! We took Kate to the doctor last Thursday to have her infection checked and had it cultured. We had to wait all weekend for it to grow and went back today for a check up and the results. I had no clue what to expect. I have had a peace about her infection and was encouraged over the weekend as I noticed the skin was starting to grow back. Our DR walked in today and said that the culture came back clear! That was awesome news! Wish we knew what it was and what is causing these infections but a clear report is a great one and we will take all the good news we can. I was really excited about that but we also noticed that the skin from her last infection is now starting to break down and become really thing. We asked if there was a specialist that we could send her to for further treatment and unfortunately with the location of this blood tumor there is nothing they can do. It is so swelled with blood and they are not able to cauterize it because she would lose to much blood. She said that this is going to be a battle for us until the tumor stops growing. They usually stop growing and start shrinking around 6 months to a year. The thought of another outbreak completely stresses me out. So, I'm not going to go there. Kate is in the Lord's hands. He has made her perfect in His sight. He knows her every need and ours and we trust that He will continue to take care of her. We are doing everything we possibly can. She is now back on a topical antibiotic in hopes to clear the remainder of this infection up. We will get through this!
The DR also checked her ears, nose, mouth and everything else to make sure all is well and while she was checking out her mouth she found a couple little teeth! One on top and one on bottom. Oh boy! That explains the constant drooling and trying to cram her fists down her mouth. Poor baby girl, so much going on at once! I gave her some teething tables tonight and within 15 minutes of giving them to her, she was out! I loved the "please note" on the box..."If your baby has been crying or is upset, your baby may fall asleep after using this product because the pain has been relieved and your child can now rest." Definitely works! Wow, she is growing up fast!!

Kate eating her fairy
Passed out after her teething tablets

This is what her blood tumor looks like. This is NOT hers. I wish Kate's looked this good...hers has raw holes in it from the infection eating the skin away...Just so you get the picture of what she is going through. Please continue to lift our precious little one up in prayer.

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