Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kate's first play date

Sooo she might not ever remember her first play date but it was pretty stinkin hilarious and her momma will never forget it! Jackson Wade came over with his momma today and we all had a blast. Kate was all smiles at first with Jackson until we put both of them in her 'Fairyland Gym'. She did not think it was cool at all. Jackson loved smacking fairy and all the bugs and Kate was not having it. We need to work on her sharing skills! :) Heidi and I put Kate and Jackson in her crib for some pictures and first Jackson tipped over and a second later Kate went down. So wish I could have gotten it on film. Classic. Kate was once again very upset about sharing her bed. She knows that boys are not aloud in her bed and was throwing a fit about it. Jackson was so concerned with Kate's screaming. He had his hand on her face and then her shoulder. Too funny for words. Kate has taken 2 naps since Jackson has gone home. She is completely worn out. Maybe we need to have play dates more often! :) Thanks for coming over Heidi and Jackson. We had so much fun!

Look at Jackson checking her out..

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