Monday, February 8, 2010

4 month check up

Kate did so well today. I was so excited to get her in to see her pediatrician. I had so many questions, couldn't wait to see what she weighed and was anxious for her to check her wound. She also got a couple shots which I completely dreaded but I know how important they are so that is why she gets them. Kate did awesome with her shots, cried for about a minute then snuggled on my shoulder all the way out to the car. We took Mimi with us and couldn't have done it without her. Kate seemed to prefer her mimi over her momma today.
Kate weighed in at 13.6 pounds and 23.5 inches long. 50% in all. Just like her Auntie M! She is definitely our little peanut! Kate is doing extremely well and is one strong and healthy baby. Such an answer to our prayers. For those who are wondering, her wound is starting to open up again. There are a couple holes in different areas. My first instinct is to absolutely freak and get stressed. It seems as if my whole body tightens up and I become really snippy. The fear of the infection come back absolutely makes me shudder. Chris and I have been praying against this fear and after our appointment today I am feeling much better. Almost as if I can breathe again. We will be keeping a very close eye on it and hoping and praying that we won't have to put her back on antibiotics. In all it was a great day...I am so glad it's behind us. Kate was perfect so mimi and I took her on a little shopping trip to the "Duck Pond" in Tustin after the appointment. Momma bought her the cutest pair of socks you've ever laid eyes on along with a super fun pink headband and mimi bought her a precious outfit and a beautiful white head band (as if she doesn't have enough)... ahhh girls, way too much fun!
crashed after shots

yellow band-aid :(

a couple goodies from the Duck Pond..

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