Sunday, February 7, 2010

4 months....really?

Today we celebrated Kate's 4 month birthday! Time is flying! She is getting so big! Cooing and squealing up a storm. Love love love it! She is so close to rolling over. Our lives are going to change when she learns how to do that! I have been reading books to Kate and she is so fascinated by it. She stares at each page. She's a smart cookie already. Today she also had her first bowl of rice cereal and loved it! She ate the whole thing- that's my girl! Life with Kate is awesome. She is getting on a schedule which is so great. The only downside of it is I am having to stay home a lot more right now to establish nap times and get her on a schedule. She sleeps great in the car and on the go but I am working hard to get her on a sleep schedule and so far so good! It sure would be nice if babies came with a manual! ha ha. Kate is loving her new "brother". Bentley thinks she is the greatest thing ever. He snuggles next to her and she shows her love by grabbing him by the neck (no joke) I had to rescue him the other day because she had his neck hair in her hands and was poking his eyes. Poor little guy. He didn't seem to mind and all and was purring when I came to his rescue. He better learn now! That's another thing Kate is really good at these days, pulling hair. OUCH! Not a fan of that new habit. We are enjoying each day and cherishing every minute with her. She is such a miracle. Love you Kate Marie...

mmm rice cereal!

Kate & Ava @ a Super Bowl Party

they're only 10 days apart!

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