Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Chris and I usually go away for Valentines. This year we had a "staycation".... stayed home and spent lots of money on the house and enjoyed our little valentine who was the size of a sweet pea last Valentines! It was a beautiful day. The weather could not have been more perfect! It started out with packing up the babe in the car to run my errands only to find that once she was all buckled in, my car was dead. Awesome. No errands for us. So, I decided to take her for a walk and spent time praying for patience. The boys finished tiling the bathroom and it looks beautiful! I am so happy with how it turned out. While the boys were working on the bathroom my sister came up and took me out shopping (since I was car-less) and I bought myself an awesome Valentines present...a new huge family room rug. It's so awesome and totally completes the room. Well sort of. I have a couple more things planned for the room but the rug was a huge improvement!!! I sold the old one on craigslist. Whew. We spent so much money this weekend. Our little cottage is definitely a money pit but we plan on being here a while so we are doing everything really nice. Our Valentines dinner was yummy, we ate in our new family room while my parents sat with us and entertained Kate. Talk about romantic! :) We're going out this week for a much needed date night. We are so tired right now, I can hardly type. It's been such a long weekend but SO productive. I'll post pics when everything is done... Happy Valentines loved ones....hope you felt loved today! xo

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