Thursday, March 11, 2010

praying for kate mcrae

I hope you haven't forgotten about this precious 6 year old girl who is battling cancer. She just finished up an intense chemo session. She had a years worth in 6 days. Intense! I do not know Kate but she has a very special place in my heart. Oh how I my heart longs to give this precious one a great big hug and tell her how amazing she is. She is one of the little ones I have been on my knees for day in and day out, praying for her healing. I wanted to pass this on for all of you to join us in prayer about..
Her mom posted a pretty big prayer request on the blog tonight...

"Quickly tonight we wanted to let you know what is coming up. Kate has her MRI on March 24th. Please be in prayer for these results. To be honest, I can barely even think about it. So we continue to pray for God's miraculous hand to touch Kate. We are praying for an amazing scan that day. And then sometime that weekend we will be leaving for Houston. Kate will have appointments starting on the 29th with the staff from MD Anderson in preparation for possible proton beam radiation. I also learned today that they will review her pathology slides before radiation. We are glad they are doing this as there are some questions about her exact diagnosis, but again it oftentimes brings more questions than answers. And that brings more stress. We ask that you pray for unprecedented wisdom for the doctors caring for her. That answers would emerge that would help in determining the rest of her treatment. These decisions are critical. The first round of treating these tumors is your best chance. And yet, thankfully, we know God is not limited by treatment options. Please also pray for our family as we are relishing the days at home together that will pass too quickly in order to move on to more aggressive therapies. Please pray that our hearts will be encouraged in the upcoming weeks as again we await answers and results. Thank you!! "

You can stay up to date on Kate at and click on "blog" Such an amazing girl. She is going to do great things. What a beautiful tool for Jesus.

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