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Spring has sprung

It is down right gorgeous today. Spring is in the air! I love it. Windows open. Fresh air flowing through the house. Birds chirping. Sunshine on my face. Flowers blooming. Sundresses. Sandals. I. Love. Spring. The one down side about it...bugs. I felt like the bug man today. We had bees flying in through the chimney (again!) so I was busy whacking them down with my broken broom and spraying out by the chimney while Kate took her morning nap. After I got the family room clean and bee free I was washing my hands in the kitchen and as I was looking out the kitchen window there it was..a huge grasshopper. Seriously, he had to be a couple years old (do they even live that long??) He was HUGE! Ah! So I let him sit there and enjoy the sunshine until I put Kate down for her afternoon nap. Once she was asleep I went into the backyard in my sun dress with my bug spray that I hook onto my hose. I start spraying our palm trees and flowers to kill any potential baby grasshoppers and poof! Out flys a big honkin hopper! I sprayed him with the bug spray and it made him hop even more. He hopped all over the backyard and conveniently he was following me. I kept my hose close and finally got him to hop on the fence. Just as I took the bug spray off my hose and began to hose down all the poison I backed up into another huge one. I screamed so loud (as if we was after me) and whipped out my hose to spray him off the wall only to have him fly over my head and land by my big toe. I am so glad no one was around because I would have been made fun of big time. I scared myself silly over these dumb bugs and as soon as I killed the 2nd big one I called it a day and took my bug killer hat off for the day and ran inside. Maybe I'll tackle the front tomorrow. I can't handle one more scary thing today. Spring has definitely sprung at the Andrews!!


Rachel M. said…
You should have seen me yesterday, Nikki...I was cleaning out our pool and did not realize that there was a lizard in our pool, enjoying the sun and the water. :(
It made my eyes bulge and my heart jump! I was so glad I did not fall into the pool.....
God bless you all!!
~Rachel M.~
Rachel M. said…
Oh, I forgot to add, I was trying to get it out with the long pole I was using to clean the pool and it latched on to it (well, I guess that meant that it wasn't dead!) and I wiggled the pole as hard as I could to get it off and THANKFULLY, it went back into the pool. My dear dad got it out for me later, and he said that it was big for a lizard. :)
Whew!! :)

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