Sunday, March 7, 2010

This post is dumb

If you don't want to waste your time then stop reading now. I just wanted to share my day with y'all. The 3 of us woke up at 8:36am this morning! Yeah! Well until I realized that it was 8:36 and we had to leave the house by 9am to make it to church on time. I refuse to be the new mom who flys into church late looking like a mess with a baby in jammies. Not going to fly. So Chris and I jump out of bed, get Kate up, give her a bowl of her morning cereal, take turn taking showers and getting ready. Chris got Kate dressed and while I was brushing my teeth like a mad woman I looked at myself and knew something wasn't right. I stared at myself and realized that my sweater was INSIDE OUT! Thank God I realized it before I sat down in church. We were all ready and in the car and pulling out of the driveway by 9:03am. YES! We did it. Chris then calmly asked if I would like to go get coffee. "Coffee?? Are you crazy, I hardly had time to put my shoes on!" He THEN said with a smile on his face "baby, church doesn't start until 10". (another smile). Why he so kindly reminded me that as we were pulling out of the driveway totally tired and out of breath is beyond me. I smiled and laughed, of course it's 10, we would never make it in time if it was 9:30. Church was wonderful. We got the best seat in the house since we were there so dang early. (((Fast forwarding...))) I'm at Sprouts with my mom and sister this afternoon doing some grocery shopping and we're in the pre-made dinner section. My mom looks down and sees these turkey dinners. This lady next to her says "oh yeah, these are the best!" My mom then tells her that they are on sale and that is when all crazy broke lose. The lady was shoving every single turkey dinner in her cart like they were hundred dollar bills. My mom says "are you going to take them all?" She managed to grab 2. This lady (my moms new BFF) then looks at her and asks her "do you drive a chevy?" <my mom > "what?" <the lady> "you look like you would drive a chevy" <my mom> "no, I don't drive a chevy." <the lady> "well you look like you would" My mom then starts to get really annoyed with this lady and says "I don't drive a Chevy, I drive a Mercedes!" The lady then says " well I have a thorough bred and that is waaaaay better than a Mercedes!" At this point I am laughing so hard out loud at my mom and this crazy woman. I said "really??, are you serious lady??" My mom was so annoyed and looked back at the chick saying "you're just rude!" We laughed all the way to the check out stand and then came the lady (and all her turkey dinner and bags of huge carrots for her thorough bred). She told the worker that there are no more turkey dinners and had him go look for some in the back. I kid you not, it was the funnies thing I've seen/heard in a long time. My mom and sister then decided to ditch me in the parking lot by speed racing back to the car while I lagged behind because I was wearing my nail salon sandals (it had just poured rain) and I was still wearing them from my pedicure I just had (best part about my day).......ahh so after this long and crazy day I am finally sitting in my comfy chair wrapped tight in my blanket writing out this dumb story while my husband and baby girl are crashed on the couch. Something is wrong with this day...

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