Tuesday, March 30, 2010

week 1

So week 1 of "the biggest loser" is done and we are feelin good and looking better! Our grocery bill has also gone down after saying goodbye to all my sweets and extras. Our weigh ins this week: Chris is down 8 pounds and I am down 6. Not bad for one week! We have been really strict with our meals and snacks, we're also working out daily and chugging down the water. I feel encouraged and starting to feel like I CAN do this. I honestly never though I would be the size I was before I got pregnant. I am so close to being there. Once I get to that point, I am not goin to stop. Not going to lie, I did enjoy a couple of sweets this past week. I don't feel guilty about it because I am staying very active and eating very healthy meals and snacks. So week 2 is here and we have set more goals for this week. Looking forward to meeting them and moving forward with this new lifestyle. Goodbye chubby tummy and legs! Oh and Chris and I totally got side tracked the night we were supposed to take our "before" pictures. Shoot. Oh well, you all know how fat we were (still are!)

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