Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Weekend

Chris was home by 3:30pm yesterday. :::deep sigh of happiness::: So wonderful to have tax season behind us. Really, you have no idea. It is so nice to have our family back together. To celebrate, Chris and I dropped the babe off at Mimi and Papas house for a sleep over and we headed out to dinner. Once dinner was over we decided to go to Babies R' Us to do some shopping for the babe. Yes, that is how exciting date nights become once you add on to your family tree. We bought her a few new toys and some other things, spending way more on her than us. You should know that it brings us much joy to be able to do things for our girl. (even though she will never have a clue how much we do for her). After our little shopping spree we came home to a quiet house that needed lots of attention. I cleaned while Chris built Kate's new toys and then we went and worked out in our little home gym. Not very romantic but it was nice to be able to work out together and get things done without being interrupted.

We picked our happy girl up this morning and headed down to the Montage. One of our most favorite spots in California. Truly my happy place. So many amazing memories there and we continue to add onto that list. Chris took his girls out to lunch and we celebrated at one of their amazingly delicious restaurants that is outside on the cliff overlooking the ocean. So wonderful. Didn't want it to come to an end. We enjoyed a mouth watering, makes you drool kind of lunch. So good. After lunch, we walked down to the beach and hung out for a little bit so Kate could play in the sand. She loved it, of course. She was digging her toes into the sand and having herself a grand time. It is mind blowing how much she has changed our life. Changed it for the better. Life with Kate is simply incredible. We are so blessed.

After coming from from the beach today we laid out the blanket on the grass and did some gardening and hung out with our girl. So fun. We had grass put in on the side of our house because we knew it would be the perfect spot to lay and play with our kids. It was soo cool seeing that come to life today. Fun family time and our picnic dinner. Mmmm! We are counting our blessings today and thanking Jesus for everything He has blessed us with.

I am sitting here with a sleeping baby who has been kissed by the sun and have a husband who won't stop. We went to Target tonight and he decided that he wants to have a flat screen tv on the wall in front of the treadmill so he can watch TV while he runs. He thinks I'm expensive! He is installing the TV on the wall right now.

We are about to go out and enjoy the camp fire in the backyard with some hot cocoa. A perfect end to a picture perfect day. My heart is happy and oh so content.


The weekend isn't over yet! More fun things planned for tomorrow!!!

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