Monday, April 26, 2010

My husband is losing

Yes, he is losing weight like Obama is losing his fans. (Sorry, had to)

Chris weighed in at -22 pounds. That's right, he is down 22 whopping pounds and looking sexier than ever. He's almost to the weight he was when we got married. He would probably be down about 28 except he has been lifting weights and is building his muscle mass. I'm so proud of him.

As far as my fat but goes.
No change.
Dang. Those cookies and chocolate chip banana bread were not going to let me get away with it this week. I am still at -11 pounds. At least it didn't go up!! I am almost in a whole new number! 2 more pounds to go (hopefully next week) and I will be so close to my goal. Oh how I can't wait to get there. How shall I celebrate? Chocolate cake? Deep dish pizza? Brownies? Oh who am I kidding. A girl can dream. Must stay focused. Back in a bathing suit next week. Still haven't found a new suit. Hopefully that will happen this week.

Until next week. Someone have a slice of pizza and a big warm brownie with some milk for me.

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