Monday, April 5, 2010

week 2

So, week 2 wasn't as exciting for us as far as numbers go but we are making progress. Today was weigh in day. Chris is down 11 pounds and I am down 7. We are still feeling really good and amazed at the foods we crave now. I have not had one cookie!!!! (wait, I did have one for dessert last night..) We did splurge a little with Easter yesterday but weren't bad. I couldn't even finish my brunch. At the end of the day we both felt gross. We missed our healthy meals and snacks. WEIRD! I never thought I would be into healthy food. Chris is looking so good. I'm so proud of him. He's never worked out this much in the 6 years of being with him. I love it. We've set some high goals for week 3. Hope I can reach mine. Once I do I get to buy a new bikini and fun sun hat, yeah! And Chris...well he's going for the money! Can't wait to update y'all next week!!

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Tony and Cindy said...

Go Nikki! You're doing a great job already :-)