Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Angel Game

Last night we went to the game, it was Kate's first game outside of my belly. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Cooler than her new pink laptop. We were a little nervous about taking her because of the noise and all the people but she loved every minute and soaked it all in. Half of the time she was very serious sitting on our laps and taking everything in and the other half she was bouncing and grinning ear to ear.
She got a sticker when we walked through the gates.

Check it out.

It was so fun to be back. There is nothing like an Angels game on a summer night with a hot dog in one hand and a slurpee in the other.
I can't wait.

Kate is pretty excited too.
We need to get her some Angels gear, or at least something red.
I think Kate was their good luck charm.
We'll be back.
[PS. All these pictures were taken with my phone. Sorry about the bad quality]

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