Saturday, May 22, 2010

Date Night

Chris and I went out to celebrate our weight loss last night and Auntie JP came to babysit Kate. She was the first person to watch her other than the grandmas. So fun! Definitely going down in the baby book! I was a little disappointed in Kate when we came home and heard that she cried for 2 hours straight. Felt so bad for Janet but by the time we came home, Kate was crashed in her arms. Poor girl is going through separation anxiety.

Chris and I enjoyed a dinner unlike we've had the past couple months. I could totally tell that I shouldn't have had it to eat it afterwards. My body isn't used to that kind of stuff anymore. Chris enjoyed his seafood thoroughly. After dinner we did a bit of shopping. Chris was willing to take me anywhere to make our date as long as possible. So cute. We hit a few stores and had fun. The best part was, it was all free! We had gift cards from his firm from before Kate was born and finally used them with $50 to spare, yeah! And, we of course had to come home with things for Kate.

Chris and I are so thankful for people in our life like JP. She has been a huge part of my life since I was 2. She was like my aunt growing up and is now more like an older sister and I'm so excited that Kate gets to experience the same thing with her! Thank you for being so sweet and taking care of our cranky girl. We love you!

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