Sunday, May 16, 2010

flowers...dirt & such..

My green thumb got the best of me this weekend. I tore out old flowers that were done with their blooming season and planted fresh new ones for summer. There is something so peaceful about spending time in the garden. We tore out 3 big plants that were in the front yard & replaced them with lavender and a couple other beautiful plants that smell delicious! I'll post pictures when they start to bloom & take off.

Speaking of taking off, check out our fresh herbs.
We are growing cilantro, rosemary & garlic onions.

I love this and am so excited to finally be able to use them in our dinners this week! They sit right outside the kitchen window, so fun to watch them grow!

After the gardening was done, I spent time washing all the windows. It's amazing how gross they get after fall & winter. I try to wash the windows two times a year to keep them in good shape. Want to know my secret to streak & water spot free windows?

Yep, Distilled white vinegar. Pour some either on paper towels or a cotton towel and wash away. Our windows are sparkling like they are brand new again. You might want to wear rubber gloves because the vinegar is a bit strong and can leave you smelling not so pretty.

That is about it for now. It was a beautiful weekend. Aside from all our work around the house, we celebrated my Uncle Steve's 60th birthday last night with 34 other family members and friends. It was an awesome evening filled with the most delicious food. My aunt is an amazing cook.

Hope you all had a blissful weekend.

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