Sunday, June 13, 2010

8 months

Our girl is 8 months young...
Kate is a professional at crawling now.
She crawls at lightening speed when we chase after her.
The games begin.

She is our little mighty mouse...
Her new favorite thing to do it stand herself up on anything she can get her hands on.
She thinks standing and walking along the edge of the couch is the coolest thing ever.
Pretty sure we'll have a walker on our hands in no time.

Her first little words were said this past week.
YaYa and Dada
SO stinkin cute!
Car rides are her favorite.
She sings and says "yayadadadadadadayaaaayaaada" every time we drive.
Kate sleeps 12 hours a night.
She takes 3-4 naps throughout the day.
She is quite the smiler, charmer, partier...
we are pretty sure she is the best baby ever.

Oh, Kate how we love you. Happy 8 months baby girl!

**On another Kate note** The momma and I planned out the majority of Kate's 1st birthday party last week in the desert. It's going to be pretty awesome. I am already working on things and just finished typing the guest list. We're keeping it "small". Small for us is just family and close family friends. Grand total: 100 guests on the list. Yikes. Oh well, you only get a 1st birthday once and we're going to make it a big deal! Hey, we like to party.

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