Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day weekend

We kicked Father's Day weekend off with a mouth watering dinner to celebrate the amazing dad that Chris is to our Kate. AND, Kate napped the entire time we ate...almost felt like we were on a date :)
Honey Dijon grilled chicken, candied yams, garlic cheese bread and organic apples

Kate enjoying her homemade yams for dinner
Saturday was spent at Chris' parents house. We worked in their front yard all day. 8am-5pm! Everyone worked so hard and at the end of the day their front yard looked totally different! No more dirt, there were beautiful flowers, lots of them! We had a lot of fun serving them and beautifying their yard. I wish I had taken pictures, my hands were a little dirty!

Sunday morning we woke up extremely sore from our labor but Kate and I got up around 8 to make dada breakfast in bed. She is the best little helper. Cheering me on with smiles and coos. I can't wait until she can pull up a chair and help me cook.
snuggle buddies.
We lounged around the house all morning which was wonderful and headed over to Mimi and Papas house after lunch to celebrate my daddy and grandpa. We spent the afternoon by the pool, in the pool and celebrated over an awesome BBQ in the backyard.
lounging by the pool

my pup, who thinks shes the life guard

Chris' new work out :)
the awesome men in my life
Quick flashback
Fathers Day 2009
5 months pregnant
And here we are a year later with our 8 month old baby girl!
I count myself blessed to have a grandpa who loves the Lord and his family with all his heart, to have a father who is an excellent picture of what God intended a father to be, a father in law who is so kind and giving and a husband who is Godly and loves and serves his family. He is the best dada to Kate and will be to the rest of our future kiddos. Thank you to all the dads out there for all you do, most of all for loving your family.

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