Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lifestyle Change

Our life totally changed eating wise about 3 months ago. I hit a point where I was grossed out by my weight and the things I was eating and Chris had the biggest loser deal going on at the firm. We decided it would be a good time to change things around. I will start off by what our meals used to consist of:

This is not all in one day of course. Just different things we would eat...

Breakfast: cereal, toast, waffles, pop tarts, bacon, fruity oatmeal..

Snacks: chips, fruit snacks, ice cream, cookies, crackers, pudding...

Lunch: sandwich, hot dogs, left overs, going out to eat...

Dinner: red meat, macaroni & cheese, lots & lots of pasta, fast food here & there, pizza, enchiladas, salads, bread every night, mashed potatoes...

So, maybe our old menu sounds like yours. Or maybe not. We obviously love food and as you can see we liked convenience, who doesn't? The last thing I felt like doing when I was working was cooking and then when I got pregnant it was all about what sounded good that day and once the baby came, we ate whatever we had. I did and still do love to bake.

Our kitchen cabinets and refrigerator look a lot different now!!!

This is how we lost the weight..

The 1st week was hard, not going to lie. We started on a Monday.
The first two days were pretty much all liquid. I had chicken broth, some pudding and tons of water. Hard for a girl who loves to snack all day and have a good meal at the end of the day. The point of all liquid is to flush out your system, to get rid of all the toxins which also helps wash away all of your cravings for the bad foods.

The last 5 days were a little better. We basically just ate fresh fruits & veggies, rice cakes & protein shakes.

This is what our menu looks like now:

Breakfast: fruit, rice cake with a little almond butter on top with bananas, an egg, oatmeal with no added sugars

Snacks: rice cakes with hummus or salsa on top, fruit, celery, carrots..

Lunch: sliced deli meat, tuna (no added mayo), chicken salad..

Dinner: brown rice, chicken with veggies, casseroles with brown rice, chicken and veggies, rice pasta with a light sauce, protein shakes...

I know it sounds boring but it really isn't. The key is staying away from sugars (read the labels!!!) half the time the fat free item is worse than the regular one. We try our best to stay away from white foods such as: bread, pasta, starches.. Chris says he feels Asian now with all the brown rice we eat, haha! Brown rice is a huge part of our diet now because it is easier for your body to digest.

I know there is so much more but this is a good start for someone looking to make a change. If we can do this, anyone can. We would have cheese and bread daily in large amounts. Now, I haven't brought a loaf of bread in almost 3 months. I would be lying if I said we don't eat anything off of our "before menu". You have to treat yourself to yummy "bad" food every now and then. We had pizza delivered on Friday night and it was delicious, had to get the craving out of my system. I still eat cookies, just not on a daily basis like I used to. Everything in moderation and you HAVE to exercise! Do something active at least 3 days a week for 20 minutes. Walk a mile, do jumping jacks, go for a run....move your body and get your heart going.

The last huge part of a healthier lifestyle and losing weight: drinking plenty of water. There is that saying you need at least 8 glasses of water a day. True. You need more! Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day and try to get most of it down by 2pm. You will see a different just by drinking the amount of water your body needs. Most of us are dehydrating our bodies. Drink up!

Oh! One more thing! Stay away from dairy. We drink Almond milk now instead of pasteurized milk. Much better for you. I have never had a glass of it by itself but it is what we use when I make protein shakes and such.

I hope this helps y'all. Chris and I are thrilled at our results. He is maintaining his -37 pounds and I am now down 17. We feel better than ever and love being able to fit back into our clothes comfortably.

If you have any other questions on things to eat, message me. I'd love to help you. I hope this has encouraged at least one person to make a change for the better!!!

Now....go clean out your fridge and stock it up with fruits & veggies!!!!

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