Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

A long weekend! Yes!
A long weekend spent by the pool with good food, even better!
This is where we spend most of summer days. Right here.
My chair is the one with the pink bathing suit.
And those pups...the pool would not be complete without them.

A girl and her dada

We splashed in the pool with my grandpa on Memorial day.
I adore this man.
He is a saint.
He is a veteran of World War 2.
His story is awesome.
He is my hero.
The way he loves Kate is so beautiful.

We lounged by the pool with grandma.
Another precious soul.
You can't tell by this picture that Parkinson's & Alzheimer's is taking over her body.
Please be praying for her.

And then there is this little bundle.
She is amazing.
Check out her Dora the Explorer sunglasses.

Our little fishy. She adores the water like her dada.

Speaking of dada...
he is the best jungle gym ever.


The girls.

So much swimming and sunshine, we all laid on the grass and took a little rest.

Hello sweet summer of twenty ten. We are so glad you're here.
Can't wait to spend many more days by the pool...
spend time with those we love
& watch our precious love grow.

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