Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

This is what we wake up to every morning.
This was particularly extra gooshie because she was in her 4th of July jammies..

John cooked everyone a huge country breakfast. It was awesome. So fun sitting around the table with the whole family. We  looked at houses and spent the afternoon and evening by the pool. The boys took apart fireworks and firecrackers and made their own. They're nutts. Fireworks were going off all day around here.
Chris and Brandon were on a mission to catch a wasp and blow it up. It was so entertaining. Brandon threw the football to stun it, Chris beat it 9 times with a sandal, got it out of the pool, taped it to an M90 and poof, he was gone. They were so proud. This was them practicing...I have an awesome video.
Kate lounging by the pool with her martini
This is where the boys are most of the afternoon & evening....
they team up and play horse shoes with their mai tais.
And now to the good stuff...
Kate on her first 4th of July
Checking out her cute friend in the mirror
We had an awesome Independence Day in Nashville with the family....
ended the day with dancing and fireworks in the backyard.
 I will never ever forget it.

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