Tuesday, July 13, 2010

9 months

Our girl is nine months old.
Did I just type that?

It is so amazing to think that 39 weeks ago we met this precious girl for the very first time.
Nine months ago.
Kate has an amazing personality of her own
Needless to say she is the queen of DRAMA in this house!

She continues to amaze us daily and keep us on our toes.
Kate is climbing up on everything and is so eager to walk on her own.
She has two bottom teeth, two top teeth and two more about to pop through.
She jibber jabbers all day long. We don't play music in the car anymore, she is our new radio.
Kate continues to sleep 10+ hours a night and takes 3 naps during the day.

She weighed in at 18.6 pounds and 29 inches long
That means she is 50% in weight and 90% in height!
Same as her 6 month stats...
We have a model on our hands
The countdown is on for the big birthday!
I am busy preparing for the bash
But before all of that happens,
 I am cherishing our precious 9 month old baby girl
 and all the joy that comes with this age..

...Love you Kate Marie...

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