Friday, July 30, 2010

back to the fair

Momma, Libby, Megan, JP and I went to the fair last night...again.
The crazy kids talked us into going on this insane ride..
We went to the hypnotist show which is always entertaining..
check our our view.
Why does this always happen to us??
The show...
After dinner and funnel cake the girls went to see Julianne Hough in concert...
this was the real reason we were back at the fair.
Check out our awesome seats..
This girl has inspired me to get better at working out and toning my legs.
Seriously, having legs this good is so not right.
We were sitting by Ryan Seacrest who is dating Julianne.
He is in his infamous blue hat...
So much fun...a much needed girls night.
See you next year OC Fair

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