Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calling all fair lovers....

So, we went to the fair tonight.
 Not sure if y'all remember my post about it last year but I was counting down the days and it was still just as exciting to me this year even though I'm not pregnant.
 I don't know what it is about that place. Maybe it's the smells?
 You can't turn a corner without smelling some sort of delicious fried food aka heart attack on a plate.
Maybe it's the people? Let me tell you this. You will feel like a skinny super model walking around the fair. There are LOTS of shapes and sizes. Very entertaining and sort of makes you want to think twice about the food line you are in when you see who you're standing in line with. Instead I stay in line and think they have pretty good taste!

After two years of making fun of people
 who buy chocolate covered bacon and actually eat it..
 we decided to try it for ourselves tonight.
NOT bad my friends.
I actually enjoyed it.
Check me out with my bacon and mini doughnuts.
I was rockin the fat tonight
forgot my stretchy pants at home!
We did lots and lots of walking (it was a must).....
My auntie has a fabulous display of her fiber arts in Building 16
We were so proud.
Momma was really proud of her sister...
She is standing next to one of her handmade quilts
& has a sweet smile
because that is a quilt of her grandma.
Sweet Grandma Alice
Way to go Auntie! Love the display!!!!
Momma and I took Kate to the farm to see all the baby animals
Check out this cute little guy
Our little peanut
this sort of makes my heart jump :)
Back to the food...
This is a food stand.
You read that right..
.Deep fried butter & chocolate covered bacon
together only $10
I think I had a heart attack just reading that.
Here it is folks...
the reason why America is fat.
People actually order this lard.
What you are looking at is two sticks of butter deep fried in a churro
Can I throw up now?
Ok, so i wasn't a good girl myself.
 I did order mini doughnuts.
I had a piece of chocolate covered bacon
 had half of a funnel cake
 I will also say that I enjoyed every single bite.

(Keep dreaming Kate)
Here we are at the white trash convention..
aka The Orange County Fair
Le Sigh..
 oh how I adore thee.
I cannot end this blog without sharing my exit of the fair with y'all. Yes, this was our view all the way out to our car. Never seen these jeans before but if you've heard the song you know why this is so entertaining.
She's got Apple Bottom jeans!!!
Where's her boots with the fur?
Thank you Orange County for making me feel
 skinny and classy tonight.
We will be back.

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