Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 3rd of July!

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Nashville. Kate slept great last night. She's at the foot of the bed in her pack and play and when she woke up this morning she was staring right at us from her bed. Hilarious. I have the camera by my bed tonight to catch the shot in the morning.

We went to Puckett's for breakfast. I guarantee this place is unlike any other. It is a grocery store, a restaurant and a club. It's in a beautiful little town called "Liepers Fork" and you literally sit in the grocery store and eat a fantastic home made meal made to order. Kate had her first taste of Southern biscuits this morning.
I'd say that we had prime seating. Right next to the beer section. It was an experience y'all. I'm hooked. Totally loved it. The people here are so wonderful, I don't think I will ever get over how friendly they are around here. As you can tell this was a really classy place! :) Love it and recommend it if you ever are in town! (Don't let the ambiance fool you, their food is awesome!!)
We spent the afternoon lounging and swimming in the pool. All the boys went to buy fireworks while the girls stayed home and baked.
The boys grilled up some BBQ salmon, yum!!!
Fireworks and firecrackers were going off all day here at the house and all around town. Really quite exciting. I've never experienced something like this. My husband is in heaven. These boys were having the time of their lives tonight lighting up bugs and launching them on M80s, blowing up things in water bottles & scaring us girls to death!!!!! Pretty sure I am going to go into cardiac arrest this weekend! They did put on a nice show in the front yard tonight. We brought out the chairs and put them in the street while they lit off fireworks. Definitely felt like we were at are a few shots..
Kate is amazing with the fireworks. They don't even phase her. She slept through them and hung out with us while they were lighting them off. She loved watching them blow up. A girl after her dada's heart.
As you can tell it was another great day...feel so blessed to be here and spend such sweet time with our family. Everyone is staying at the house tonight! It's a giant sleep over, 12 of us!!!  Sweet dreams from Nashville...

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