Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hurricane Kate

Becoming a mom has made me realize that it's OK to have a messy house. I am a natural neat & clean freak. Always have been. Now it is normal for our house to be covered in toys throughout the day with books scattered about. We are very careful with the amount of toys we buy for Kate because the last thing we want is for her to #1. think she can have anything she wants #2. our house is not a toy store and #3. I don't want to pick up anymore toys! We have been rotating her toys out with new ones and it seems to be working well.

Kate banging on the door yelling "dada! dada!"
He walked through that door an hour later and the look on her face was precious.
This is our living room on a good day.
 All of Kate's toys fit in a wooden basket
with the exception of a few big ones.
Kate has a love for Barney
Oh Lord, help us!
Kate's reading corner usually looks like this.
She goes through each book and then ditches them.
At the end of the day Chris and I go around to clean up after Hurricane Kate.
 Most nights we can't help but laugh.
The things she takes around with her and the places she put them are hilarious.
After a long day of playing this is what we cherish
a long peaceful 11 hours of sleep

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