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Blessings in a not so pretty package

Three years ago this afternoonn....
I broke my back.
It makes me ache all over again to think back to that day.
For those of you who don't remember or are new to my life here is a quick glimpse into my story..
I was the High School Administrator at the church we went to and planned a houseboat trip for the high schoolers. We were in Northern California and having the time of our lives. Seriously, so much fun. I was out tubing behind a boat with some of the kids and my best friend when the accident occurred. We were on our way back to the cove and the tube I was on hit another boats wake which ended up flinging my legs over my head, knocking the wind out of me and crushing my L1. Did I mention we were only on day 2?? It was a total freak accident. I was taken by ambulance to the local regional hospital which wasn't very local. After spending 7 hours in the ER in agony and doped up on Morphine and several MRI's and CAT Scans later I was finally admitted in the hospital. I could hardly walk, it even hurt to breathe. I will never ever forget the next morning. I was laying in my hospital bed so bummed out and worried sick because I would be walking down the isle to meet my groom in less than 3 months. My doctor walked in and went over my scan with me. She knelt down beside me, held my hand and looked into my eyes and said, "I want you to know how lucky you are. 98% of people who crush their L1s end up paralyzed from the hips down. Someone was looking out for you."
Tears streamed down my face and my sweet Frankie who stayed with me looked at me with tears in her eyes and we praised Jesus for His protection. We knew who was looking out for me. The Lord protected me BIG time. It was then that I felt completely blessed.
To make a really long story shorter...I have been through two different physical therapy locations, over a year and a half worth. I walked down the isle to meet my groom, I was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and am enjoying life to the fullest. My broken back may have slowed me down a bit and I may still have some aches and pains if I lift too much but that is it! I have been completely healed. I went back to my orthopedist last week for another check up and he finally gave me a clean bill of health. I do not plan on going back to see him ever again!
I am still so amazed as I look back. It seems to hit me harder as each year passes and I'm sure y'all will see this story posted year after year. Such an awesome story of God's love and protection.
Last week was stressful between having to buy a new computer and having to spend over $1000 to fix Chris' truck. I was not very happy about all of it. And then it was like the Lord sent me to my appointment and reminded me of His sweet blessings. It's totally what I needed. I'm thankful for my broken back, it's taught me a ton! You never know what the Lord is going to do to get your attention. Be thankful friends.


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