Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family days

Chris and I had a full house this weekend. We celebrated his birthday with our family on Saturday night and then had my Nashville family over for a Southern dinner on Sunday night.
We made beef ribs, pork ribs, cheese grits, corn bread, grilled asparagus, and fruit.
It was a great time. Good food and fabulous company.
The weather was perfect, if only we had fireflies!
    Monday night we had a picnic in the front yard..
    We have such awesome evenings once the sun starts to set.
yes, we have a walker on our hands..
can you tell how they adore each other?
We have been trying to enjoy our time as a family before Chris starts his crazy busy time at the firm. This is our last "normal season" before he goes back to school to qualify to sit for the CPA. I am soaking in every minute of having him around in the evenings. He is such an incredible husband and an amazing dada to Kate.

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