Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm getting ready..

 As summer is winding down we are starting to prepare for fall.
 I love fall.
 I would love it even more if Southern California actually looked like this..

We're ready for those crisp fall nights
There is nothing better than putting on a good pair of sweats, cozy socks and sipping on hot chocolate before crawling into bed.
I love having the windows open on a fall afternoon with a football game on
Fall means that Thanksgiving is coming and that means good food and family, which I love.
Fall means I get to start dressing in jeans and sweatshirts
Fall will be extra special this year as we celebrate our baby girl's 1st birthday
Did I mention that I can hardly wait to snuggle her on a cool fall night while we sit by the fire in the back yard and roast s'mores?
I can't wait...
Baked apples, pumpkin pie, apple cider, fruit cobbler..
Our house will be smelling like a bakery this fall and I can't wait.
So, in preparation for fall  Kate and I took a trip to the nursery and bought our fall flowers
I dug out all the summer flowers that were dying and planted while my girl napped.
That was all after we played for hours and practiced walking
.. oh and crawling in our dirty clothes hamper to play..

    look mom! Dirty clothes!
Hurry up Fall! We can't wait for your arrival!

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I love your pic of the Fall leaves....I wish we would actually have that :-( I am getting ready for Fall too!!!