Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's a new day

I went to bed so bummed out last night. Sort of felt like my spirit had been crushed. I was sad for so many. I spent the rest of the evening in prayer and talking with my husband. He was a great encouragement and I woke up today feeling so refreshed and encouraged. I was blown away by the emails I received from so many. Blown away in a good way...I have chosen to live my life according to the Word of God. Many disagree with me and that is ok. God never promised this would be an easy road, in fact He told us it would be hard.
I wanted to share an email that I received from an old dear friend-you know who you are :)
"Hey Nikki,

 I saw the many comments on your fb and I agree with you and any Christian who is a TRUE follower of Christ would agree with you. Not because its you, per se, but because Christ has set clear instructions. And what grieves me the most is "Christians" who accept the worldly views and say its not right to judge. If they really read the bible, it is clear that we are to keep each other accountable and not only does God say that marriage is designed for man and woman together but that we are to uphold our fellow brothers and sisters in that task as well. And furthermore, we are not called to judge in the sense of condemning our neighbor but we are to uphold the truth. We are Christians and we are to be light and salt of the world Which means to be set apart. So being ridiculed, being stabbed with awful comments, is all what God had to put up with. That is taking our cross daily. Standing up for whats right. You have nothing to lose Nikki. But everyone else has everything to lose. Of course Non-believers would disagree with you-they really don't know any better but shame on those Christians who are bad mouthing. Sorry for the mean comments but not sorry that it came about because you stood up bravely for Christ! Go girl!"
I cried as I read this one in particular. It was just what I needed to hear and God knew that. He used this sweet girl to remind me that I asked God to use me. None of this is about me...I am not out there judging anyone. I am standing up for what God has written. I have been ridiculed and stabbed with horrible comments but that is ok. It's nothing compared to what my Jesus went through for me. It's not easy being a Christian in today's world. We are looked down up, hated and mocked. I'd take that any day over spending eternity in hell. 
Thank you to all of you who sent encouraging words....nice to know we're not in this journey alone.

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