Wednesday, September 8, 2010

11 months

 We're almost there.
 We are in Kate's last month of being an infant.
 Our first born is growing up way too fast.
 We are trying to soak in everything.
 There just doesn't seem to be enough time.
 She is changing daily; physically and developmentally.
 Kate is extremely smart.
 Nothing gets past her.

Kate is now eating pretty much the same foods we eat, except only the healthy ones.
I am super strict and cautious about what we give her.
I prefer to stick with organic and all natural foods.
I'm sure I'll grow out of it one day soon but for now her little body is so pure and I want to keep it that way for a while.
Her eating habits are helping ours! :)

Kate has developed a personality bigger than she is.
She is hilarious.
Her new favorite thing to do (besides walking) is to take her baby stroller around the house and collect as many things as she can. She puts them all in her stroller and then ditches it.
Last night I walked into my closet to find her stroller in there with my calculator in it. She enjoys hiding the remotes so they are now stored in a safe place.
I can't begin to describe the joy she brings to our life.
Each day is a whole new story and a whole new adventure.

Kate is a total dream baby.
We had a rough start but that's almost a blur now.
Kate's party planning is in full swing.
The invites were mailed out today.
116 people on the list.
I can hardly wait for it to all come together.
I am busy finishing up some lose ends and working on some home made touches.
oh yeah and trying to keep up with this one....

Happy 11 months Kate Marie!
 You are soooooo loved!

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