Thursday, September 2, 2010


Lots going on at the Andrews...

Kate is walking.
Kate is very curious and into everything.
Kate is keeping her momma very busy.

Husband has been putting flooring in the attic to create more storage.
Husband has been installing HD cables for the flat screens
Husband is making a mess and making our house very loud!

In other news... my computer is fixed.
We didn't do a thing.
The anti-virus did what it was supposed to and is running perfect again.
Took it to have it checked out and there wasn't a sign of the virus.
I am so very thankful!

I also have a prayer request.
For my daddy..
He is going to have a biopsy tomorrow morning to check for prostate cancer.
{cancer}..I HATE that word. However, I am not afraid.
I know that he is in the Lord's hands and He will protect my dad.
Please pray for peace to fill his heart and ours and of course for
a clean bill of health.


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Ruth said...

I have been and am praying for your dad--and the rest of the family! May God's peace fill you all and may His healing touch bring thankfulness! Love you!