Thursday, September 23, 2010

a day outdoors

Kate absolutely loves being outdoors.
She loves to run around.
Inspect every flower & pull grass.

Kate also loves animals. She has no fear.
She adores her mimi and papas doggies
and treats her kitty like a play toy..

This morning we went for a nice walk around the lake
only this time I brought bread for the ducks.
Kate looked at them like she wasn't quite sure
 why they were and why they were making funny sounds.
 I gave her bread to feed the ducks
 and it went straight into her mouth.
We're going to have to work on that.
It is so fun watching her around little creatures.
Can hardly wait to take her to the zoo!

This evening we played in the park that is outside our backyard.
It's our community park and I can't tell you how fun it was
 to finally play with Kate on the rolling green grass.
You might recognize it from our maternity pictures!

 She was more interested in walking along the paths..
 playing ball!

 walking home
how precious...
Thank you Lord for your beauty.

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