Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall!

Fall is finally here! Yippee!
Our little cottage is all set for the season...
I love this time of year.

Our fall candles are burning...

I love baking this time of year.
It's sort of the kick off to the holiday season
I've been in the kitchen everyday this week making different goodies..
Monday I cooked apples for Kate.
She loves them as an afternoon snack
fall magazines are here
these make me want to dig out all my sweaters and pants
and spend the entire day decorating and baking in the kitchen
So, that is what I'm doing..
Our sweet little turkey towels are out
Thanksgiving may be a couple months away but they're fall(ish) right?
They're a great reminder to count our blessings daily.
cinnamon crunch muffins
These little beauties are so delicious.
I can't have these hanging around the house too long or else I start looking like a muffin
These went to the firm for all the accountants to enjoy

Apple Nachos
Sound delicious?
Ohhh my, these were an awesome evening snack.
I made them last night and took them to our neighbors house.
The kids played while the adults chowed down on these little beauties
It's pretty much a carmel apple in bite size
We might not have a real fall season here in So Cal so we have to do our best to make it seem real.
Today was the perfect fall, cloudy and my little one was in a snugly mood.

This evening the three of us sat on the couch and watched Kate's home movies. We watched from the moment she was born until now. It was incredible. Kate was very amused herself. She watched very intently when she would cry and make little cooing sounds. Not sure how our little 6.8 pound baby is now two weeks away from turning 1. Absolutely blows our mind. I'm sure I will continue to say this until she's 50 so y'all will have to get used to it. People aren't kidding when they say a baby makes your like 1000x better. We can't imagine not sharing all this with our precious up, pumpkin patch!

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