Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little weekend get away

Thursday afternoon my parents surprised us & bought my sister and I tickets to Maui.
They flew out on Wednesday and flew us girls out for the weekend.
 I have never packed so fast in my life.
I packed Kate, Megan and all of my stuff in one bag.
 24 hours later we were on a direct flight to Maui.
We arrived Friday night at 8:30pm and headed for the condo.
We had a 2 bedroom that was 1,500 sq feet. It was amazing.
The resort was awesome and on the perfect beach.
The water in Maui is to die for.
Warm, clear & crystal blue
It called my name all weekend long
Kate was amazing the entire trip.
She slept most of the flight over.
She took long naps and slept great at night.
Kate absolutely loved the water
She had soo much fun hanging out with her mimi & papa
She was perfect while we all laid out...
Kate kept busy playing with her toys, snacking and chasing the little Hawaiian kitty
Our little one is no longer crawling.
We were practically running after her..
Oh to be care free and not have a worry in the world.

We ate like kings and queens.
Here Kate is at the Hula Grill.

The Hula Grill is an awesome restaurant on the water.
You kick off your shoes and dig your feet in the sand..
They serve the best food and have live music..
a true picture of paradise.
We went twice!

Sunset after dinner at the Hula Grill
Sunday morning we went to the Gazebo for breakfast.
The best breakfast EVER!
I am a huge breakfast lover and this place has it down.
It's at a little hotel on the water and is a gold mine!
They serve big fluffy banana mac pancakes...
not only are their pancakes amazing
 but they are topped with "dream whip"
...picture a light cool whip with a hint of butterscotch.
You better believe I got the recipe and have already made it.
 They are a family favorite.
Sunday night we went to Kimo's.
It's the best place for fish on Maui.
The restaurant is on the water in Lahina and they serve the best dinners.

a pretty little view from the pool
Sunday morning my friend Natalie and her family came to the beach for a little playdate.
It was so cute watching the girls play in the sand.
Monday morning at the beach
I love how she loves to get messy
-happy girl-
Anyone wanna do the hula?
Have you ever seen anything so cute?
building sand castles with Papa
This was the sweetest thing ever.
Kate loved playing in the sand with Papa and Auntie M.
our little maui babe
on our way to the airport on Monday night.
One last Maui sunset..
If you can't tell...
I experienced one of the best weekends of my life this past week.
The only thing that was missing was my sweet husband who was home working.
 The whole thing still feels like a dream.
It was the craziest feeling being there, part of it didn't seem real.
 I can't tell you know much fun we had.
Thank you mom and dad for that precious gift.
 It was a memory that will forever be etched in my heart and a once in a lifetime trip.
And to think that Heaven is going to be better than Maui, WOW!

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