Tuesday, September 7, 2010

so long sweet summer

{and hello really long post..}

Weekends rock. Long weekends are even better. Friday night was just Kate & I. Chris came home from work around 1pm not feeling well so he spent the day in bed. The girls spent the day at Mimi & Papas house. Saturday my man was all better so we packed up the family and went to the Orange International Street Fair for lunch. Kate loved all the people, sounds and food.
She got her first taste of Australian ice cream!


We spent the rest of the day by the pool, so nice. Kate's favorite thing to do after swimming is play on the grass. We take her swim diaper off and lay out towels on the grass. Now that we have a walker on our hands, she takes off!

Sunday was very lazy and just what we needed.
 Homemade banana pancakes for breakfast, iced mocha's & fresh fruit!
 Kate took an awesome 2 hour morning nap so I sewed a bit while my man trimmed our palm trees. We spent the afternoon walking the lake. Talk about peaceful! Kate loves going on walks and the lake is our favorite. It felt like a true fall day, a little nip in the air, the sound of football games in the background...ahhh, bliss! Half way through our walk around the lake there was a sweet little stand with a brother and sister selling snow cones. It was the cutest thing. They had about 20 flavors, a generator for their shaved ice machine...adorable. The best part, they were selling them for $1. The look on the faces were priceless when my husband gave them an awesome tip.
We walked and talked about the things we did as kids to make money. Mine was definitely the winner. My neighbor and I would dig up the street, put glue on the asphalt and cover it in glitter. Our neighbors actually bought it. Good thing we got a whole new street a year later.
We fed the ducks and Kate thought it was the coolest thing ever. She wanted to pet them so bad. We have a little animal lover on our hands. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
Ahh! The lake!
If you look up on the hill you'll see a big black patch.
 A fire blew through the hill on Saturday night.
It must be fall!

Mimi came to pick up Kate on Sunday afternoon to have her over for a sleep over. Kate loves her Mimi & Papas house. Once she left we didn't know what to do with ourselves. My husband cooked an awesome dinner. Fillet Mignon, grilled asparagus, asiago cheese bread and garlic mashed potatoes with asiago cheese. So delicious.
 We enjoyed our quiet dinner and got ready to hit the town for a little date night. We went to a couple shops then made our way to Downtown Brea for dessert. My man took me to one of my favorite places for dessert, The Melting Pot. I am a chocolate fanatic and this is the place to go. We had a cookies and cream fondue for dessert topped off with amazing fancy adult coffee drinks. The main topics of our conversations seemed to be about a little tiny blond girl who has totally stolen our hearts and my husband begging for more. Story of my life.

It was wonderful having my husband all to myself for a bit but it was even better once we were back with our girl. We were trying to figure out what we did with all our time before Kate. Life is so much better now that she is here, we have no time to be selfish and make things about us anymore. It is amazing having a family of our own.

Monday we went to Mimi & Papas to be with our girl and spent the day by the pool with the whole family. The boys made an awesome dinner and we came back to Kate walking like a professional. It is unbelievable!!! She was walking up and down the drive way and all around downstairs. I love it!!!

So long sweet summer of twenty ten. It's been a good one.
So many amazing memories made in beautiful places with people we love dearly.

Hello Fall.

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Nikki...love the pics as always! Will Chris share his receipts for the dinner.......it looks so delicious :-) You have a gorgeous family!! Keep enjoying every minute as I try to as well :-)